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My Story

Every photographer brings a unique perspective to the craft; mine is informed by a belief that one can never fully capture nature’s majesty in an image, but that the more honest the image, the closer we come to achieving that goal. Drawing from the “realist” movement in painting, and “cinema verite” in motion pictures, my chosen method is to take what nature gives me – light, color, texture - and do my best to accurately reproduce that experience without artificial enhancements. With that perspective, and a devotion to the least possible amount of post-processing enhancements to my work, the camera and the lens become only a small part of the creative process. I embrace the concept that life is more about the journey than the destination and in my photography the great challenge is the journey: finding the location, subject matter, environment, composition and timing to best express the emotional impact of my personal experience…that, more often than not, is not the result of a single chance encounter, but rather a joyful, but persistent, study of an area or particular subject. 

My interest in photography began as a teen whose after-school and weekend jobs financed my first SLR camera. While never losing my passion for the visual arts, the realities of life necessitated that passion take a secondary position while I devoted myself to making a living in the corporate world. The upside of that devotion to career was the gift of living in virtually every geographic region of our country at one time or another and the privilege of extensive travel; during those years, I never stopped looking at our world through my lens and knew I’d eventually again devote myself to this rewarding work. Having now had the pleasure of living in Southwest Colorado since 2012, and been given the opportunity to again immerse myself fully in my life’s passion, I have turned the “hobby” of my youth into the “vocation” of my adult life. Even at this stage, I continue to take classes and workshops to refresh my technique and improve the way I “see” the scene, whether in its entirety or isolating a single subject within the frame. 

Several of my pieces have been selected for juried shows in local galleries and that has generated interest in my work. This website is an effort to expose some of it to a wider audience. I hope my photography, in some small way, conveys the joy I experience capturing these images.

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